Antarctic Swim Club

The club for swimmers in the Antarctic waters

Antarctic Swim Club

On sunday the 26th of Februar 2006 7 healthy (also mentally) trainees from the Bark Europa decided to take a dip in the Antarctic Sea.

The location was Dorian Bay, close to the Port Lockroy Post Office on the Antarctic Peninsula.

They got permission from the doctor and the captain and there they went.

After their dip they founded the Antarctic Swimmers Club (ASC).

You can find the names of the members on the Members ASC page, pictures are on the Swimmers pages.

The water temperature was 2.6 Celsius.




The club

The 7 who jumped into the Antarctic Sea are the founders and the first members of the Antarctic Swim Club. There are three honorary members of the club:

The honorable mister Arthur Rylance from the UK and the seniors of all trainees the happy couple Katy and Cullen Sabin.

You can become a member of the club if you take or have taken a dip in the Antarctic Sea. Just send a photograph and time, location and water temperature to

Thanks to Ap, Juergen, Miguel, Jerri, Roland, Jaap, Fred, Peter, Val, Miguel and Marianne for the pictures.